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Question Time – Tristan Harris

Summer Reading

Co-CEO of Harris Farm Markets Tristan Harris steps up to answer InQueensland Summer Reading’s 10 Questions.

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Did anything good come out of 2022? 

So much! The lockdowns ended, my daughter got her license, I got engaged and now we have a baby coming. 2022 will go down as a banner year for me!
What’s your favourite summer memory? 


We used to get around the harbour on little tinnies (aluminium boats not beer cans!). My fav summer memories involve messing about on the river and having to throw water onto the seats because they got too hot in the sun.
Are you a summer or a winter person? 


Definitely a summer person. I do love to ski but that is usually one weekend in a long winter! Besides – the fruit is better in summer!
How do you stay resilient during periods of change, like the year just gone? 


Meditation and breathing exercises along with physical exercise – its hard work to keep the body and mind fit for the challenges but it makes such a huge difference for me that I really can’t not do those things anymore.
Who were your heroes of 2022? 


My team at work. Retail is a relentless game and the team just keep rolling with the punches.
What’s your secret ambition? 


 To sail around the pacific.
What’s your favourite holiday spot? 


 Fiji – heaven on earth.
What are you hoping for in 2023? 


 A healthy baby and a healthy and happy family – everything else is a bonus.
What have you been watching on television/streaming services lately? 


The Terror – about an attempt to sail through the North West Passage in the 1840s.
Any people or businesses to watch in 2023?
Made By Cow – a milk company. Growing rapidly because they have a phenomenal product – I’m starting to see it everywhere and I think they are about to hit the big time.

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