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10 Questions - Tom Tate

Summer Reading

Gold Coast’s Mayor, Tom Tate steps up to answer InQueensland Summer Reading’s 10 Questions.

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Are you a Summer or Winter person?

Summer. I’d be too worried about my ‘winter coat’ if I was a winter baby!

Best Christmas Holiday/Memory

Being with our family of course, wherever that is. Some of our greatest memories have come from ‘staycations’. We have enjoyed staycations on the coast for the last couple of years and it is amazing what attractions, resorts, restaurants and tours the Gold Coast now has. It is truly an incredible lifestyle city.

Your favourite/secret holiday spot?

We both love Hawaii and Las Vegas as well as cruises out of Florida in the US.

Staying up on New Year’s Eve?

That is a challenge in itself nowadays! This year, we have the entire family coming over, including our two grand-daughters, on Christmas Day so it may be a case of the kids putting me to bed before midnight this year!

Your new year’s resolution?

Definitely to maintain a better fitness regime including all aspects of healthy living.

Have you been infected with Covid?

No. I’m as fit as a fiddle so don’t jinx me.

How will you remember 2022- lessons learned?

As Mayor, playing a part in super-charging our economy, post Covid. I have been humbled by the enormous spirit and resilience our small businesses have shown. These mum ‘n dad businesses lay everything on the line so to support them however our council has been able to, has been very rewarding.

Are you a new year’s resolution keeper?

Yes. See you at the gym on January 1.

Name one big win/winner from 2023?

I want to see big in-roads made into how our city deals with waste, recycling and renewables. Our city’s green future starts at the doorstep of every home and business. If everyone plays their part in proper recycling practices, we can achieve incredible results.

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