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Finding the NQ weather too chilly? Why not try your luck in balmy Melbourne


Tropical north? Hardly. For the second straight day, residents in parts of North Queensland have woken to temperatures up to eight degrees lower than chilly old Melbourne.

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But before you head off to the southern capital, Bureau of Meteorology forecasters are tipping the mercury to begin rising over the weekend and North Queensland returning to more normal temperatures.

It follows back-to-back mornings where temperatures across the state plunged into the negative, with heavy frosts turning fields and foliage a glistening white.

Ravenshoe, west of Innisfail, is Queensland’s highest town and locals woke up to the second day in a row of frost.

Ravenshoe Hotel publican Wendy Stanford told the ABC her temperature gauge showed 2 degrees at 6:30am but a breeze made the morning feel even colde

“We’ve got the fires roaring here which is great during the day but our southern visitors from Melbourne are sort of wishing they’d stayed home,” she said.

“It was 8 degrees in Melbourne and less than zero in Ravenshoe.

“They’ve all got their colourful beanies on, double socks and two pairs of tracksuit pants.”

Weather bureau forecaster Steven Hadley said parts Melbourne wasn’t the only capital city basking in temperatures above those in the north.

“Right across Queensland, even getting into some of the tropical areas which do not often see temperatures as cold as they have done over the last few days,” he said.

“Sydney getting just below 6 degrees this morning,” he said.

“Many places in Queensland have been colder than that.

“We saw widespread frost across that southern and central Queensland this morning with the ground temperatures going below freezing,” Hadley said.

Applethorpe, in the Southern Downs region, was also one of Queensland’s coldest places this morning, with the temperature dropping to -2.1C at 5.10am, while the apparent temperature was sitting at a freezing -4.4C.

Roma dropped to -1.9C but the apparent temperature was sitting at -6C, while in Charleville the temperature was 1C.



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