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Cracks in republic push just hours after new model unveiled


Not everyone fighting for an Australian Republic and to cut ties to the British monarchy wants the same model and cracks are emerging in the ranks.

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The Australian Republic Movement unveiled its model for Head of State on Wednesday but another group, Real Republic Australia, is not on the same page, dismissing the ARM model just hours after its public release.

The ARM’s new model, called The Australian Choice, suggests all Australian parliaments nominate a candidate for head of state which is then put to a national ballot. Parliaments could decide how their candidates are nominated and by what process.

A short list of 11 candidates would then be put to a public election.

But Real Republic Australia chair, David Muir, says its supported model for Head of State, is unfiltered by politicians.

“We continue to support a model that as far as possible eliminates politicians from the process of filtering candidates for Head of State,” Muir said.

Within months the Real Republic Australia will release a discussion paper, seeking public comment on its proposals for the nomination and election of candidates for Head of State.

Muir said the ARM model had echoes of the republic model which was rejected at the 1999 referendum.

“The model the ARM has devised appears to be a hybrid that essentially offers voters a pool of nominees chose by state or federal politicians. In essence it would be a case of politicians telling Australian voters who they were allowed to vote for as their Head of State,” he said.

Muir said the upcoming discussion paper will also outline the powers, duties and responsibilities of a Head of State in an Australian republic, drawing on elements in the system in Ireland, where a Westminster government operates successfully with a Head of State elected directly by voters.

The Real Republic Australia was formed by the late Clem Jones, former Brisbane Lord Mayor.



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