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Qld MP claims cases of voter fraud go back several years


Far North Queensland MP Warren Entsch has made claims of voter fraud in federal elections.

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Entsch, the LNP member for Leichhardt, said he has evidence of voter fraud which is “very very real”.

He said he had been raising concerns about the issue for a long time.

“I have seen, over many years, particularly in remote communities, where people who have died in recent times suddenly still have the capacity to vote,” Entsch told InQueensland.

He said “vote early and vote often” was a reality where people go around to half a dozen polling booths and lodge the vote without ever needing ID.

“I know of cases in the past where they have hired a minibus and have a list and go around to booths.”

Under the proposed amendment to the act, in order to vote each registered voter must provide a proof of identity document on the day they wish to vote.

The Australian Electoral Commission would not comment specifically on Entsch’s claims but has previously made comment at a recent Senate Estimates hearing that in the 2019 Federal election there were 2102 apparent multiple marks, of which 743 gave reasons such as age, confusion and language barriers. Twenty-four cases were referred to Australian Federal Police and there were no prosecutions.

This compared to the 2016 election when there were 1954 admissions given for multiple marks.

The AEC says its data base is updated millions of times a year, either by voters themselves updating their details or data received from third parties such as Centrelink, the ATO and motor registries.



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