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From beaches and bottoms to the Beatles, the trick for 2022 is to keep calm and carry on


A beach visit gave a whole new meaning to the term Get Back – but fortunately Rebecca Levingston found salvation in a Beatles documentary.

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Bums are in. And by that, I mean bums are out.

Seriously, have you been to a beach recently? Talk about gluteus maximus.
So many rears revealed.

High cut bikini bottoms, g-strings, thongs and thongs… beach style in 2022 is cheeky. Literally.

Reminds me of the time I dashed over to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. I’d never seen such tiny bikinis.

I was living in America at the time and heard about a huge music festival called Rock in Rio. Silverchair and Red Hot Chilli Peppers were headlining and so I booked flights and accommodation in Ipanema Beach for a couple of days. Seems so easy compared to what would be required to travel today.

While my trip to Brazil was brief, like the swimwear, it left a lasting impression. For the record, Silverchair were amazing and the RHCP were not so hot. But the crowd loved the spectacle and so did I.

So as we dive into a new year, wearing whatever swimwear we like, what can we expect?

Caution. Consternation. Cancellations. Conflict. Change. So many c-words.

I’ll add another. Calm.

It’s what I’ve decided to make my goal this year. In amongst the instability, can I keep calm? Some days yes. Others feel a bit wobbly.

I cried this week when I found out I can’t visit my Grandma in care. It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by the stories of pressure on hospitals and healthcare workers who are soldiering on. I’m laying low trying to stay out of their way. I’ve cleaned every cupboard and cranny in my house. I think organising things makes me feel calmer.

Couple that with the inevitable health anxiety spiral that strikes randomly. A sneeze, an achy leg, fatigue – is it the other C-word? No symptoms – that’s a symptom!! No RATs, no clarity. What if I have Covid and don’t even know it? It’s an unhelpful cycle in my head right now.

Surprisingly, the Beatles have given me a reprieve from Omicron. The documentary Get Back, that unearths hours of footage of John, Paul, George and Ringo making the album Let it Be was like comfort content for me. Time travelling into a world of music that revealed the magic of creating songs that remain brilliant and relevant today.

Even the track titles are serendipitous when you hear them in the context of 2022’s rolling pandemic. Across the Universe, I’ve Got a Feeling, The Long and Winding Road. To be in the room when Get Back was composed by Paul, was such a glorious escape. John Lennon was funny and, strange as it sounds, he was silly. Whimsical.

I loved leaving the relentless coverage of Covid for their recording studio and a rooftop concert. But as the credits rolled, more news. School was delayed or holidays were extended depending on your perspective.

I had to smile when my youngest son yelled out “wahooo” when I told him he’d be getting an extra two weeks of holidays. Maybe there’ll be a bonus trip to the beach somewhere in there.

Perhaps the ocean can remain a place where we can spread out instead of spreading virus.

Bottoms, board shorts, bikinis and bliss. If you’re lucky enough to get your toes in the sand even for a brief moment as we navigate the third year of this pandemic, do it. Find your escape whether it’s at the beach or with The Beatles.

Right now this virus feels a bit like the ocean. The waves don’t stop.

Eventually we’ll figure out how to ride them.

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