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The many questions I'm still waiting for our politicians to answer


If voters could ask leaders about the issues important to them, these are some of the questions you’d be hearing, writes Madonna King

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An election campaign is meant to be about a clash of ideas, finding solutions to our community problems. Yet, just days out from polling day, we’re overwhelmed, and underwhelmed, by spin, exaggeration and evasion.

So today InQueensland poses the questions – to the two potential premiers – that many Queenslanders want answered. We’ll bring you the answers if they are forthcoming.

Ms Palaszczuk: We are excited to have tickets to Saturday’s AFL grand final, although we wish we’d be seeing the Lions. But we’d be more excited to go to our daughter’s school graduation, which is now “no parents” and just online. Why? She’s also missing most Year 12 milestones, and parents aren’t allowed on school grounds. But we’ll all be at the Gabba. Is this hypocritical?

To both leaders: Suicide is the leading cause of death for children and young people in Australia. The leading cause! You’ve both travelled through regional and rural seats trying to trump up votes – so why haven’t you made this a priority?

To both leaders: I’m an L-plater and can’t believe the aggro on our roads. Mum says some drivers are on ice and you can track it, like the coronavirus, in the sewage. In rural areas, ice is a huge menace. If you cared for young people and regional areas, why not pour funds into fixing Queensland’s drug problem?

To both leaders: Mental health issues have skyrocketed during the pandemic. It can take six months now even to see a psychologist. If you think that’s important, what could you do to make it easier on families?

To both leaders: I’ve got a job – thank goodness – but can’t access before or after school care. Soon I’ll have to give it up because I can’t rely on family and friends forever. This doesn’t seem to have even been mentioned, except on Rebecca Levington’s 612ABC Brisbane program. Why?

Ms Palaszczuk: You raised euthanasia before the Law Reform Commission reported. Why? Someone said it was about securing preferences in Currumbin. Is that true?

Ms Palaszczuk: Why raise voluntary assisted dying laws during a pandemic that has already killed too many old people? Wasn’t that just a tad tacky?

Ms Frecklington: Why don’t you answer the question on euthanasia? Yes or No. Voters have a right to know your view, don’t they?

Ms Palaszczuk: Is Cameron Dick physiologically unable to answer a straight question?

Ms Frecklington: Is Tim Nicholls still on your frontbench and what job would he have if you became leader?

To both leaders: You both sat in the front pew at Hannah Clarke’s funeral, but what are you really doing in domestic violence? And if it was so important to you both – to go to a funeral of someone you didn’t know and be seen all over the cameras – then why aren’t you focusing on it now as a substantial and electoral debate of ideas?

To both leaders: Why do all those people, dressed in red and blue, wave at us from every street corner only when they want my vote? Aren’t they a safety hazard? And where are they in the four years between elections?

To both leaders: My friend’s mother missed her annual breast check-up during the pandemic and now says she’ll wait a year. Many of my friends are in the same boat. What could you do to address this?

To both leaders: In my suburb in Brisbane, burglaries during the night – particularly to steal cars – are now routine. Most of my neighbours have invested in CCTV and alarms. CCTV cameras! This used to be a safe suburb. Which of you will address that?

Ms Palaszczuk: Tourism and Events Queensland will launch a huge advertising appeal at the Gabba on Saturday night to get millions of people from interstate into Queensland. Aren’t we trying to keep them out?

To both leaders: Is being honest so difficult during an election campaign? Voters aren’t dumb, and I just wonder if sinking to the lowest common dominator on every issue ignores our intelligence?

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