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Lentil as anything, or perhaps I'm just feeling a little under the influence


Social media “stars” should try using their influence to encourage followers to spread respect and harmony, writes Michael Blucher

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Vegan YouTube Star. Now there are three words I never thought I’d see in the same sentence, at least not in that order.

But there they were, in a “news” article that I stumbled across recently, during a rather aimless cyber excursion, which I’m reluctant to admit, started with a search for golf clubs. Good luck working out that little sequence of mouse clicks.

Anyway, the said news article pointed to a war of words between that Vegan YouTube Star and another Vegan YouTube Star, which in itself provided another startling revelation. There’s not just one. There are multiple Vegan YouTube Stars.

Notwithstanding the current societal restrictions, I suddenly realised what a sheltered existence I’d been living.

What actually constitutes a Vegan YouTube star?

And as a point of protocol, do you start out as a vegan influencer, and become so prolific, you launch your own YouTube channel?

Or does it work the other way? YouTube star first, lots of followers, then Bingo! You’re an “influencer”?

I needed to find out more.

The next thing I know, I’m bouncing from site to site, watching vegan videos. Ponderous little pieces posing rather esoteric questions. Is abortion vegan? Are tampons vegan? Is silk vegan? Are tattoos vegan?

I lost interest before arriving at a definite conclusion on the first three, but based on the amount of ink on the host of Video No.4, I’m going with a loud “you betcha” with that one. Her skin reminded me of the carpet at the Greenbank RSL.

It’s refreshing to know that we’ve now got these wonderful social media platforms available, whereby vegans can clearly peg out their territory, to ensure new adopters stay true to the fundamentals of the movement. Or the religion. Or the cult. Or whatever it is.

That’s what I’m led to believe was the source of the spat between the two VYS. One accusing the other of being a fraud, by not adhering strictly to the vegan code. Something about the introduction of carnivorous matter in her diet, without any form of public disclosure.

I could see how that might stir the pot of lentil soup. In years gone by, people have been stoned to death for less.

Back to the issue of influence, I don’t profess to understand what role VYS play in the life of their millions of followers.

But if I could politely encourage all the stars out there in cyberspace to use your powers for good instead of evil.

By this I mean guide your devoted disciples in the direction of respect and tolerance, of harmony and choice.

That is, don’t go climbing over the fence of family run dairy farms, and start telling them how to run their lives and their businesses. Or turning up unannounced at expensive steak restaurants, and making a nuisance of yourselves while people are treating themselves to a special meal.

That’s the sort of influence I’d like to see.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get back to that search for golf clubs.

And to watch Video No.5. To find out if horseriding is vegan.

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