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Di Bella takes a shot at Government over mandates


Businessman Phillip Di Bella has had another shot at the State Government and its vaccination mandates for teachers and child care workers.

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Responding to an InQueensland story on Facebook on the latest mandates, Di Bella asked: “Since when is it the right of the government to dictate to people?”

“Why not hold a referendum and see if the public will actually back being dictated to as you discriminate (against) certain industries and force them to mandate vaccinations?

“Wake up politicians something doesn’t smell right.”

The Government holds the power to issue the directives under the Public Health Act. As the pandemic broke out around the world in January 2020, the Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services made an order declaring a public health emergency.

Its duration has been extended by regulation to December 26 and may be further extended.

Di Bella previously said the Government’s decision to ban unvaccinated people from pubs, cafes cinemas, theatres and stadiums was a contravention of human rights.

“What has this world come to? Is this something that we’re prepared to let happen?”

The latest mandate concerned anyone aged over 16 who enters a school, childcare centre, prison or airport for work or volunteering, which will bring the state into line with vaccine rules in the rest of the nation.

They must have had one dose by December 17 and be fully vaccinated by January 23 to enter any “high-risk settings”.

Education Minister Grace Grace said unlike the upcoming venue vaccine mandate, which police have promised to enforce, employers will be expected to police the high-risk setting mandate.

Grace said Queensland schools and childcare centres would be expected to police the upcoming Covid-19 vaccine mandate on their premises.

“It’s up to the employers in those centres because this does cover all of the government and non-government sectors and they will have to ensure that people come in onto their site, similar to other areas are vaccinated, particularly their staff at this point in time,” she told ABC Radio on Tuesday.

“Obviously, if there’s contractors coming up or volunteers, they’ll also have to have proof as well.”


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