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A for Arts: Class of 2020 did best in creative, cultural subjects


In a year disrupted by the pandemic, and a new tertiary entrance system, high school students were more likely to get an A in certain subjects.

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Statistics released by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority today show the highest proportion of students to get an A were those studying Music Extension (Composition) and Music Extension (Performance), with 67.9 per cent and 64.2 per cent respectively.

The next best outcome was for Chinese, where 59.1 per cent of students received an A – that was only the case for 7.3 per cent of students studying English as an Additional Language – followed by English and Literature Extension (56.4 per cent).

In Spanish, 48.8 per cent of students received an A, with some subjects attracting fewer students than others.

However, the lowest proportion of As was in basic Essential Mathematics (6.8 per cent) and Essential English (6.9 per cent), Science in Practice (8.4 per cent) and Engineering Skills (9.7 per cent).

It is difficult to compare the subject results to previous years or other jurisdictions, and there is limited data to allow for analysis of overall outcomes. In parliament today, Education Minister Grace Grace said the reporting of statistics on Year 12 outcomes had changed along with the system itself.

“These resilient young people have been pioneers throughout their school years as the state’s first full cohort of Prep students, the first Year 7s to attend high schools, and the first to complete Year 12 and receive an ATAR last year during a global pandemic,” Grace said.

Grace paid tribute to the state’s highest academic achiever, Vishaak Gangasandra, who achieved straight As in seven senior subjects including an overall mark of 100 per cent in English, maths and physics. After graduating from The Southport School, Gangasandra enrolled in Biotechnology and Medicine at the University of Queensland.

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