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10 Questions - Tim Matthies

Summer Reading

Director of artistic planning at the Queensland Symphony Orchestra Tim Matthies steps up to answer InQueensland Summer Readings’s 10 Questions.

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Did anything good come out of 2021?

There have been many good things to come out of 2021, not least the continuing strong spirit of the community working together in Queensland. This is especially true in the arts where I really feel the organisations, artists and creatives consciously collaborating and talking and wanting to make sure the arts and culture are central to the life and heart of the state. This is at the core of Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s purpose and next year sees us performing across the state as a result of these conversations.

What’s your favourite summer memory?

Long, relaxed lunches with family and friends followed by ocean swims and games. Time with loved ones is what summer is all about.

Are you a summer or a winter person?

Definitely a summer person. I have lived in Brisbane since June 2018, and I love the city’s climate and the fact it never gets cold enough for a winter jacket!

How do you stay resilient during periods of change, like the year just gone?

By remaining grounded and connected with people. Strong relationships nurture and sustain us and I have found it essential this last year check in with people both personally and professionally.

Who were your heroes of 2021?

I have two sets of heroes this year. Firstly, the people who have kept us going across the year, especially the Queensland Health administrators under the leadership of former Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young who have guided the state’s approach to Covid-19.

Secondly, the First Nations artists I have connected with this year, including William Barton and Aunty Delmae Barton, who are using their creativity and storytelling to foster greater understanding leading to change.

What’s your secret ambition?

I would like to learn to play the violin. While I know I won’t get a place in the QSO, I would love to be able to play in a string orchestra in the future.

What’s your favourite holiday spot?

I currently have two, Peregian Beach on the Sunshine Coast and Port Douglas. I am sure I will have more as I explore more of Queensland in 2022!

What are you hoping for in 2022?

As easy a time as possible for all of us in dealing with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

What have you been watching on television/streaming services lately?

I don’t watch a lot of television, listening to the radio and podcasts are my preferred relaxation methods. Two series I always come back to are This American Life and its brilliant host Ira Glass and Esther Perel’s thought-provoking Where should we begin? series exploring relationships in all their complexities.

Any people or businesses to watch in 2022?

The organisations to lead the 2032 Olympic Games will be set up this year and these will be important for the state’s next decade. And the QSO celebrates 75 years of music-making across the state in 2022 and we want as many people as possible to be part of the celebrations.

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