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The wonderful world of language: Let me introduce you to the Binfluencer


One of the fascinating things about living in a fast-paced world is the inventiveness people use to communicate with each other, as Rebecca Levingston has discovered.

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I learned three new words this week. Please feel free to add them to your dictionary.

Binfluencer, Quad-vaxxer and Perdle.

It’s the little things that get you through. The helpers in the world. Intentional and accidental.

So let me introduce you to Judith, the Binfluencer.

She’s the neighbourhood champion, who probably doesn’t even know it. Her routine is holding together an entire neighbourhood.

Recently, Judith inadvertently caused chaos.

Here’s the story my confused friend Halina shared on Facebook…

Bin night disaster

Our elderly neighbour Judith dictates what bin night it is. Tonight she only put out her red bin.

I could tell the whole street was at a loss. Many only put out red bins. Random yellow and green bins appeared. I think it’s green bin night so I put that out along with the red. Then I noticed my neighbour on the other side followed suit as did the ones on the other side of Judith. So now we wait…..

This is how society unravels. We need direction, we need routine. Empty the vessel, so we can fill it up again. It’s a metaphor for life. You can’t just keep creating rubbish and not have it overflow. You need the links in the chain to connect. This is civilisation.

The red top bin gets collected every week. It’s a given. It’s a first world privilege we don’t show enough gratitude for so let me give thanks to the truck driving magicians who roll through the streets and pick up the bins. You bloody legends.

Judith’s single bin night prompted residents everywhere to share their reliance on the Binfluencer.

“This is how communities tear apart,” sobbed Daniel in the comments section.

Solidarity from Courtney, “We have a Judith in our street too. They once went on holiday for three weeks and it was chaos. Good luck tonight.”

“Sleepless night ahead for everyone,” concluded Kate.

Consensus on the carnage was agreed and the public demanded to know what happened next.

Kirsten was worried, “Has anyone actually checked that Judith is ok?”

She was. She’s back. She is the Binfluencer.

Peace on the streets has been restored. Monday night. Bin night. Confusion reigns no more. All follow the way of Judith for tonight it’s clear. It’s recycling night.

The next new word I learned is likely to hit your vocab by the end of the year – via your arm.

I just met my first quad-vaxxer. He arrived in Australia on a flight from London with four vaccines in his system.

He’s done it all. Moderna, AstraZeneca (two doses) plus Pfizer.

Really early on in the pandemic, before the vaccine existed, he also contracted Covid-19.

He regularly flies back and forth between London and New York, so it’s not really surprising that in March 2020 he felt a bit under the weather and suspected he might have the virus that was quickly shutting down Europe. When he lost his sense of smell and taste, he slept in the room downstairs and his wife stayed healthy.

Recovered now, he’s still keen on wearing masks and he flies through international airports. He’s the new superhero in my world. Revere, the quad-vaxxer.

And finally, Perdle.

You’ve heard of Wordle. The daily word game. Have you heard of Heardle? The daily musical game. Do you need Nerdle? The daily numbers game.

Prepare for Perdle.

Last week I could hear my sons calling out random celebrity names with increasing intensity.

Steven Bradbury? Serena Williams? Scott Morrison?

No! Do you want a letter? R…

Ronaldo? Ralf Rangnick?!

They were playing Perdle. A game they invented. It’s where you have to guess a person.

Any clues? Nope. Chaos.

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