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In the race to be first, Labor now argues over who should come last

Decision 2020

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says One Nation is the worst, and candidates who preference the LNP last on will be “read the riot act”.

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Throughout the campaign, Palaszczuk has reiterated her position that One Nation be preferenced last on how-to-vote cards for the October 31 election.

However, Labor candidates in the regions have expressed different views, with Burdekin candidate Mike Brunker calling for the LNP to go last, and now campaign workers for Keppel MP Brittany Lauga and Barron River MP Craig Crawford being seen with corflutes saying “Put The LNP Last”.

Asked if Labor was divided on the issue, Palaszczuk today said she and the party secretary had made it clear One Nation was to be preferenced last. Asked why some candidates were doing otherwise, Palaszczuk said “yeah, well, they’ll be read the riot act, I tell you that”.

Deputy Premier Steven Miles said that of the “freaks and weirdos” on the political right that might form a coalition with the LNP to take government, One Nation was still the worst.

“They’re the worst of the freaks and weirdos, if there are worse freaks and weirdos they’ll be considered,” Miles said.

The LNP is preferencing Labor last except in seats where there is an anti-vaxxer candidate from the Informed Medical Options Party.

Miles, the health minister, said LNP leader Deb Frecklington was happy to deal with fringe candidates and “the only line she drew was on anti-vaxxers”.

Yet if Labor insists on putting One Nation last, or even the LNP, there will be seats where IMOP might benefit from Labor preferences, as a consequence of the Palaszczuk government’s decision to introduce compulsory preferential voting.

How-to-vote cards only need to be approved by the Electoral Commission of Queensland if they are distributed on election day. All other election material, including pamphlets distributed at pre-poll centres and corflutes, need to state that it is authorised by the party involved.

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