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Hole lotta love: Euro-baker Doughcraft touches down in Albion

The Weekend Edition

Melted raclette poured over cold cuts and potatoes, mascarpone-filled doughnuts, take-home packs of artisanal pasta and sugo, ficelle topped with gorgonzola dolce, nduja-infused focaccia buns, and smoked Tasmanian salmon, creme fraiche, spinach and crispy capers smushed between squid ink buns. It’s easy to see that Doughcraft isn’t your regular bakery. From sweet to savoury, this sustainably minded operation is offering something for all comers.

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It’s not often that you come across a bakery helmed by two head chefs, one head baker and a brand director, but it seems that the amalgamation of different ideas, culinary inspirations and operational methodologies is what makes Doughcraft special.

The bakery and its wholesale arm Farine & Co launched operations last week, quietly debuting its multifaceted retail range in the ground-floor kiosk of Albion’s Craft’d Grounds precinct. It’s already being hailed by some as a first-of-its-kind operation, which can most likely be chalked up to Doughcraft’s co-founding brains trust – comprised of head baker Steven Chevalier, head chef Marco Conti, head chef Samantha Taverner and brand and marketing wiz Salvatore Compagnone.

Between them, the talented four boast expertise in French baking, Italian cooking and sweet making – skills they’re collectively drawing upon to shape an impressive (and sustainable, courtesy of a raft of clever zero-waste repurposing practices) all-occasion offering that goes far beyond croissants and loaves.

Doughcraft sits a few baguette lengths from fellow Craft’d Grounds tenant Brewtide, with its retail space drawing upon the building’s established timber-heavy aesthetic for its own material makeup. With that said, Doughcraft will soon look to add a few additional fixtures to give it more of a European bakery look and feel, including hanging shelves for a bread display as well as a glass-enclosed prep space where folks can peep the crew making everything from viennoiseries to pasta.

Doughcraft’s ever-evolving offering already boasts a mind-boggling array of choices, with each item infused with gourmet ingredients to elevate it above your usual bakery or deli fare. Eyes will likely be drawn to the doughnut cabinet first, where Sam’s selection of sweet-meets-savoury treats are on full display. Here you’ll spy a bombolone filled with caramel and topped with a sprinkling of Biscoff crumbs, pavlova doughnuts filled with fruit and cream, a savoury bombolone stuffed with cream cheese and topped with sea salt crystals, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and crispy capers and the standout bombolone crowned in a peak of silky meringue.

Moving around the kiosk, Doughcraft’s selection of breads and pastries – from its kamut bread (made with kamut flour, turmeric, almonds and pepita seeds), ficelle sticks coated in melted cheese, pistachio croissants, traditional French baguettes, and focaccia buns (available infused with olives, rosemary or spicy nduja) – will bring carb-crazed guests to their knees in a fit of rapturous ecstasy.

A sandwich cabinet is likewise a treasure trove of delights, including mustard buns filled with raclette cheese and prosciutto cotto from Salumi Australiapanino casa with Le Conquérant camembert, Sardinian-style sausage, local honey and butter, and red-hued beetroot buns filled with melted Mauri gorgonzola, braised mushrooms, spinach and red onions.

In the evenings, Doughcraft will dispense cheese and charcuterie boards (loaded with the likes of Sardinian-style free-range salami and peppercorn and juniper berry-cured pork loin) as well as raclette (either Jean Perrin’s Secret de Scey or Heidi Farm cheese) scraped over prosciutto cotto, sopressa salami and potatoes.

Finally, Doughcraft is even creating a clutch of items perfect for taking (and consuming at home) – think hearty Sardinian lasagna with prosciutto and special Farine & Co ragu, quiche a la citrouille and a soon-to-launch selection of fresh pasta and sauces.

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