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Novonix breakthrough could deliver the EV magic bullet - the 100-year battery


An electric vehicle battery with a life of up to 100 years “now appeared possible” according to Novonix after its chief scientific officer helped produce breakthrough research for Tesla.

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Novonix’s chief scientific officer Dr Jeff Dahn and Tesla’s research team released a new paper on a nickel-based battery that could last 100 years under the right conditions and still favourably compare to lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells.

The theoretical breakthrough, known as the Century battery, may be behind the huge spike in Novonix shares earlier this week because the battery could overcome one of the greatest barriers to the adoption of electric vehicles _ the lifespan and energy density of the battery.

Dahn, who had previously said a million-mile battery was possible, is regarded as a leader in battery technology and his new breakthrough was that the battery showed no capacity loss after 2000 cycles.

The reference to a 100-year life is an extrapolation of the 2000 cycles.

The problem for the battery now appears to be cost and the industry has speculated that they may be more suited to long-term energy storage rather than for electric vehicles.

Novonix said that thanks to the innovative work conducted by Dahn “extending the life and performance of an EV battery up to 100 years now appears possible.

“Electric vehicles are the way of the future, and advanced high-performance, long-lasting batteries are the key to driving that market forward.

Dahn said the breakthrough was down to “a combination of single-crystal NMC532, good artificial graphite, appropriate electrolyte additives, keeping the upper voltage cut-off low, and being lucky”.

“Novonix is proud to have its long-standing relationship with Dr. Dahn and to share in his passion and dedication to invest in research and development to see a more sustainable, greener energy source for the future.”

The breakthrough came as DeLorean announced it would have an electric vehicle for sale by 2024. The Alpha5 retains the gull-wing doors of the original. It can reach about 95kp/h in about three seconds.



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