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Domino's lays down the challenge in Taiwan with bizarre pizzas


If you question how anyone could put pineapple on a pizza you won’t want to see what Domino’s has done.

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The Brisbane based pizza juggernaut has introduced a new pizza at its Taiwan stores where the menu has previously challenged Western ideals of good taste.

The new pizza is dubbed “Buddha Jumps Over the Wall” pizza. It includes abalone, scallops, sea cucumbers, garlic short-ribs, fish skin, quail eggs, taro, dried bamboo shoots, and cabbage.

It’s a step beyond last year’s version which had pig’s blood and preserved eggs while there was another that had a bubble tea (tapioca) topping, which many people found surprisingly tasty.

Another used durian as a topping which has a smell no one could forget.

There has been a growing demand for Western takeaway in Taiwan since the pandemic began and stiff competition has meant some bizarre attempts to get attention.

Commentators in Taiwan said the country’s youth had also bought into the Instagram trend and were constantly looking for something new to post.

Pizza Hut joined the fad with a drizzling of tea-flavoured milk cream and Singapore used marshmallows.

In Japan, Domino’s last year swapped pizza dough for rice which apparently took a year to perfect. There was also a fish and chip pizza that caused a bit of a stir.

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises bought the 157 Domino’s stores in Taiwan for $79 million , with a long-term plan to more than double the scale of the local operation.

The acquisition of Formosa International Hotels Corporation’s fully owned subsidiary PizzaVest Company gave the Brisbane-based DMP its 10th global market.

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