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Meet the Brisbane company aiming to industrialise maths


Brisbane company Polymathian is using maths to predict the future for the mining sector.

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The company is working on the belief that climate change and the push to decarbonise will lead to a new industrial revolution and that the mining sector’s most effective excavation could be cutting-edge mathematics.

The industrial mathematics company is using digital-twining technology that allows companies to reduce costs and their carbon emissions by introducing scenarios that can be tested in the digital world.

Polymathian head of simulation Colin Eustace said the tools already exist for companies looking to transition to greener operations.

“All the building blocks that businesses need to make improvements and change technology are there,” Eustace said. 

 “The drive to reduce greenhouse gases can be a trigger to change the way mining operations work and there are significant operational efficiencies to be gained by optimisation and changing some of the fundamentals about the operation.  

Polymathian builds a digital twin to provide a replica of a customer’s existing operations, allowing companies to assess greenhouse gas emissions.

The digital twin technology provides a better understanding of base-line performance and assesses the impact of changes. It can also test any operational strategy and its impacts on emissions and make future forecasts of the impact on the business. 

Eustace said once a model was established, solutions to complex problems which would previously take a team of experts weeks to generate could now be solved in minutes.

 “These efficiencies enable businesses to make smarter economic decisions and assess the best strategy to  begin transitioning towards a net-zero future.’’

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